Laboratory Medicine Research Programs

Lab Med Research

The UCSF Department of Laboratory Medicine is consistently ranked among the top academic research programs in Clinical Pathology and advanced diagnostic technologies at the national and international levels. The Department emphasizes both basic science and translational research across multiple disciplines with laboratories funded through NIH grants, research foundations, and collaborations with industry. The faculty are integrated with a variety of UCSF graduate programs as well as specialized research institutes, clinical and translational research enterprises, and state of-the-art programs ranging from advanced genome diagnostics and pharmacogenomics to stem cell biology and beyond.

Major Research Themes

Hematology/Stem Cell Biology

Scott C. Kogan, MD
Leukemia pathogenesis, mouse models

Andrew D. Leavitt, MD
Hematopoiesis and hematopoietic stem cells

Shibani Pati, MD, PhD
Stem cells and vascular biology

Hilde Schjerven, PhD
Leukemia pathogenesis

Transfusion Medicine

Michael P. Busch, MD, PhD
Blood safety, transfusion complications

Brian Custer, PhD, MPH
Epidemiology of blood transfusion infections

Mark Seielstand, PhD
Genetic epidemiology


Adrian Erlebacher, MD, PhD
Immunology of pregnancy

Gary A. Jarvis, PhD
Immune response to gram-negative infection

Clifford A. Lowell, MD, PhD
Innate immune cell signal transduction

Ari B. Molofsky, MD, PhD
Innate immune lymphocytes

Philip J. Norris, MD
Immune response to viral infection

Cancer Genetics

Laura Van't Veer, PhD
Cancer genetics, breast cancer biomarkers

Arun P. Wiita, MD, PhD
Cellular therapeutics for cancer

Infectious Diseases

Charles Y. Chiu, MD, PhD
Metagenomics of infection

Satish Pillai, PhD
HIV pathogenesis

Lynn Pulliam MS, PhD
HIV related neurologic disease

Metabolic Disorders

Sagar Bapat, MD, PhD
Obesity and immune function

Farid F. Chehab, PhD
Adipocyte signaling mechanisms

Theodore W. Kurtz, MD
Genetics of hypertension

Alan H.B. Wu, PhD
Pharmacogenomics and toxicology