DEI Grand Rounds

In 2021, UCSF Pathology and Laboratory Medicine held the inaugural Diversity Grand Rounds seminar to highlight DEI-related issues that overlap with diagnostic pathology and pathology education. We aim to make this an annual event. Suggestions for speakers can be sent to members of the DEI Committee or to the director of Grand Rounds.


May 25, 2023

Addressing Gender in Work and Conversation

Matthew Beld, MPH

Program Manager, UCSF Institute for Health & Aging


August 11, 2022

UCSF Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine DEI Climate Survey Results and Discussion

Nesli Kayraklioglu, MD, PhD

Laboratory Medicine Chief Resident, PGY-4, UCSF

Panelists: Drs. Sara Bakhtary, Sarah Calkins, Ursula Lang, Raga Ramachandran, and Kristie White (UCSF)


October 14, 2021

Personal Perspectives on Women in Academic Medicine and Leadership

Vivian W. Pinn, MD

Founding Director, (Retired), Office of Research on Women's Health, National Institutes of Health

Senior Scientist Emerita, National Institutes of Health


April 22, 2021

Race in Robbins: Data or Distraction

Andrea T. Deyrup, MD, PhD

Professor of Pathology, Duke University

Joseph L. Graves, Jr., PhD

Professor of Biological Sciences, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University