March 04, 2013
New Type of Pluripotent Cell Discovered In Adult Breast Tissue
Dr. Thea Tlsty with UC San Francisco researchers...
March 01, 2013
Dr. Gabrielle Rizzuto Awarded the 2013 Society for Pediatric Pathology’s Young Investigator Research Grant
Dr. Gabrielle Rizzuto is the recipient of the 2013 Society for Pediatric Pathology’s Young Investigator Research Grant. The Society awards this grant to fund research in the field of pediatric pathology...
April 12, 2012
Annual Meeting of USCAP in Vancouver
Our department had a record number of resident, fellow, and faculty attendees as welll as abstract acceptance at the 2012 USCAP meeting in Vancouver. Dr. Robin Cooke, the winner of the President's Award from USCAP, was kind enough to take this photo...
April 01, 2012
Dr. Richard Jordan publishes "Oral Pathology: Clinical Pathologic Correlations"
Dr. Richard Jordan, Professor and Director of the UCSF Oral Pathology Diagnostic Laboratory has published the 6th edition of his textbook "Oral Pathology: Clinical Pathologic Correlations". Authored together with Emeritus Professor Joseph Regezi...
March 12, 2012
Dr. Andrew Horvai - book on Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology
Dr. Andrew Horvai (Associate Professor, Associate Director of Surgical Pathology) has just completed a comprehensive book on Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology. Co-authors include many of the UCSF pathology trainees, who assisted Dr Horvai in collecting the...
March 12, 2012
Dr. Zoltan Laszik publishes a chapter titled "Renal Effects of Preeclampsia"
Dr. Zoltan Laszik (Associate Professor Pathology) has just published a chapter titled "Renal Effects of Preeclampsia" in the Microangiopathy book...
October 01, 2011
MacSween’s Pathology of the Liver (6th edition) Published
The new edition of the MacSween’s Pathology of the Liver has just been published (6th edition) by Elsevier, with Dr. Linda Ferrell, Professor and Vice Chair, as co-editor for this comprehensive textbook on liver pathology.
October 01, 2011
Completion of Case-based Textbook Entitled Liver Pathology
Dr. Linda Ferrell (Vice Chair and Professor) and Dr. Sanjay Kakar (Chief of Pathology at VAH, Associate Professor) have just completed a case-based textbook entitled Liver Pathology.
May 18, 2011
UCSF Team Discovers Key to Fighting Drug-Resistant Leukemia
Doctors who treat children with the most common form of childhood cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukemia – are often baffled at how sometimes the cancer cells survive their best efforts and the most powerful modern cancer drugs...
April 04, 2011
Dr. Lisa Coussens and Her Colleagues Discover New Way to Predict Breast Cancer Survival and Enhance Effectiveness of Treatment
A team of researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has discovered a new way to predict breast cancer survival based on an “immune profile” – the relative levels of three types of immune cells within a tumor...