Salary & Benefits

Base salaries for residents and fellows are set by the University of California according to Post-Graduate Year (PGY) level (current levels listed below). Additionally, the UCSF Medical Center also provides a supplemental housing stipend annually to residents. The 2022-2023 salaries and stipends are listed below.

Resident Salaries and Supplements (AY2022-2023)

Year UC Base Salary Department Funded Housing Allowance Effective Annual Salary
1 $77,968.64 $5,000 $82,968.64
2 $80,556.92 $5,000 $85,556.92
3 $82,714.00 $5,000 $87,714.22
4 $85,441.30 $5,000 $90,441.30
5 $88,380.88 $5,000 $93,380.88

All residents and fellows also receive an annual educational allowance of $1,500, and free membership in the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology and the American Society of Investigative Pathology, with online subscriptions to the societies’ journals.

  • Membership must be requested. It is not automatic.
  • Membership is only for the "trainee" level.
  • Membership may only include online journal access. No print access.

Vacation & Educational Leave

Residents are granted four weeks of leave per year. Leave time must be coordinated with the Residency Director.

Health & Disability Insurance

Housestaff receive health, dental, and vision, and disability insurance plans offered through the School of Medicine. Details on the coverage options can be found in the UCSF Housestaff Information Booklet.

Milberry Union and Mission Bay Services and Fitness Centers

Millberry Union is UCSF’s campus union. It is located on the north side of Parnassus Avenue, across from Moffitt Hospital. Millberry Union presents cultural, recreational, and fitness programs to the campus community and general public. Millberry Union also provides a variety of facilities and services including convenience and gift stores, a flower stand, a variety of food service options, a computer store, copy service, meeting rooms, music and entertainment rooms, and ticket services.

The fitness centers at Millberry Union and Mission Bay ( are state-of-the-art and include a swimming pool, basketball, squash, and racquetball courts, exercise rooms, saunas, and locker rooms. Fitness programs, including aerobics, Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga, are scheduled to accommodate UCSF employees. Personal trainers are also available. Access to the fitness center requires membership. The School of Medicine subsidizes the membership fee for Housestaff who elect to join (approximately a 30% discount on full membership price).

Other Benefits

These and other housestaff benefits are discussed in detail on the UCSF School of Medicine Website and in the UCSF Housestaff Information Booklet.