Drs. Perry, Ferrell and Sangokoya Receiving Major Honors from National Societies

Dear all,
I am proud to announce the several faculty have recently received major honors from national societies. They will all receive these awards at upcoming national meetings this spring.  
Please join me in congratulating Arie, Linda and Carolyn on their wonderful achievements! 
US and Canadian Academy of Pathology:
Dr. Arie Perry
2022 Harvey Goldman Teaching Award 
Awarded to an exceptional individual who emulates Dr. Goldman, a luminary in GI pathology and medical education, and his achievements, attributes and contributions as mentor, educator, and diagnostician.
British Neuropathological Society:
Dr. Arie Perry
2022 Dorothy Russell Lectureship
Delivered by a distinguished leader in neuropathology in honor of Dr. Russell, a leading figure in the history of British neuropathology.
Hans Popper Hepatopathology Society: 
Dr. Linda Ferrell
2022 Lifetime Achievement Award 
American Society of Clinical Investigation:
Dr. Carolyn Sangokoya
2022 Young Physician Scientist Award 
Recognizes a physician-scientist early in their first faculty appointment who have made notable achievements in their research.
Jayanta (Jay) Debnath
Distinguished Professor and Chair
UCSF Department of Pathology