Department of Pathology Alumni Newsletter, Issue 6

Message from the Chief at ZSFG: Stephen Nishimura, MD

Dear Friends and Alumni,

The General Hospital is undergoing one of the most dynamic and exciting times since its inception. Most importantly, in 2015, a beautiful new hospital, now called Zuckerberg General (ZSFG) opened its doors. This was a first in a series of steps to transform public health care in the City of San Francisco. The next major step was the implementation of a new electronic medical record (EPIC), which has been operational since August 2019. Finally, to fulfill the goal of being the best public hospital in the country, the University of California and UCSF have funded a new 5 floor research building to be built on the ZSFG campus on the site of the parking lot in front of the old ER. This state-of-the art research building will ensure that top notch physicians and scientists can be recruited and retained at ZSFG and will continue to provide exceptional trauma care and medical services to those in need.