Gioia Iezza, MD

Gioia Iezza, MD

Clinical Professor
Specialty Areas
Fine Needle Aspiration

Pathology, Box 4034
1825 4th Street, Room L2181E
San Francisco, CA 94158
United States

Research and Clinical Interests

My clinical service is in cytopathology, particularly, fine needle aspiration, and the cytology of lesions of soft tissue, breast, pancreas.

One of my ongoing research projects is a retrospective analysis of archival fine needle aspirate (FNA) biopsy smears, cell blocks, and corresponding surgical tissue (when available), performed over the last 10 years, to determine the false positive and false negative rates and hence the accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity of soft tissue FNA biopsy.

Selected Publications
  • A. Raza, Y. Wang, G. Iezza G., A Kurwa, A. Prasad, C. Curriere, T.S. Greaves, C. Cobb. Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsies of the Breast Lesion: An Analysis of 1028 Aspirates. Am J Clin Pathol Sept 2003;120:15
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