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Welcome to the online version of the Clinical Laboratory Manual for Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (ZSFG). After almost 50 print editions we are going online to respond to the need for a readily accessible, up-to-date, ZSFG-specific source of information on available laboratory tests, reference intervals ("normal range"), names and phone numbers of key personnel and laboratory sections, and various information to help you interpret test results.

Users of the UCSF Lab Manual for Moffitt-Long and Mt. Zion Hospitals will find this website distinctively familiar. This is no accident. Our colleagues Tim Hamill and Enrique Terrazas in the Department of Laboratory Medicine at UCSF Medical Centers generously allowed us to use their template and helped us in numerous ways to transition from paper to an electronic format; we gratefully acknowledge their support in creating this website. We would also like to thank Peter Cooper for essential expert assistance and for incorporating the advanced search engine in the manual.

Individual Laboratory Tests and Procedures

Laboratory tests and procedures are listed alphabetically in a searchable database, not grouped according to the laboratory division performing the tests. The latter information, along with additional facts and details may be found in each of the tables containing the test information. Included are ranges of test prices. Exact figures are not listed because these prices are subject to change. Instead, the relative price of each procedure is indicated by "$" symbols according to the following scheme:

Price Range


$0 - $75


$76 - $150


$151 - $500


$501 +


General Information

Topics on laboratory organization, hours of service, general information about test procedures, specimen and labeling requirements, and the telephone and pager numbers of our house staff, attendings and laboratory supervisors are listed in this section.

Please let me know your concerns regarding our services. We welcome suggestions for improvement.

Barbara L. Haller, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Clinical Laboratory

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