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Normal Range Data

Normal Range information for all of the tests that the Clinical Laboratories performs in-house is available for viewing: click here for current normal range information.

Additionally, there a four Microsoft Excel files available for download that contain additional information. The files are updated monthly, and the file name itself contains a date stamp (YYYY-MM-DD format). One file (Normal Ranges Historical File) contains a historical account of each reference range so that you can determine the reference range for a given test for a given date; the second file (Battery Normal Ranges File) contains the normal ranges for each member of a battery (see definition of a battery below). This file is organized by worksheets: each worksheet corresponds to an individual battery containing the reference range information for all members of the battery.

Two other files are also available: Battery and Test Codes. A battery is comprised of several distinct tests. For example, a CBC has several components, including RBC, WBC, platelet count, etc. The Batteries file lists the component members of each Battery. The Test Code Names file lists the test code and test name for each test.

To download the Excel file, click on the link below. If the file does not proceed to download, PC users can right click the link and select "Save Target as ..." and Macintosh users can click the link and hold until a pop-down menu appears (or control-click), and select "Download Link to Disk."

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