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What is AIDET?

1. Acknowledge the patient. Smile and make eye contact. Call the patient by his or her name.

2. Introduce yourself. Your name, role, and what you’re going to do. Why you’re qualified to do it.

3. Duration of the task at hand. Provide the patient with the length of time expectancy for processes, procedures, waiting, etc.

4. Explanation. Discuss what’s next, what tools you’re using, who’s coming, what you’re doing, and why.

5. Thank the patient. Tell the patient you are appreciative of him or her for choosing UCSF Medical Center

Remember to use AIDET with all our customers: our patients, clinicians, all hospital personnel, and our fellow team members. It is important to smile (even when you are on the phone), introduce yourself, explain in detail, give specific time frames when possible, thank our customer and ask if there is anything else you can do for them.

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