Our lab co-founded the Biological Imaging Development Center (BIDC) at UCSF as a ‘collaboratory’ through which to share the technology that we’ve developed and to encourage community sharing of cutting-edge technology. This currently oversees over a dozen microscopes and provides transparent access to shared microscopy for the community.


Our lab co-founded UCSF Immunoprofiler, a multi-lab clinical-translational initiative to identify fundmental classes of cancer, as viewed from the immune infiltrate of tumors.


Graduate students in our lab typically enter through the UCSF BMS Graduate Program.


Our lab is an active participant in the UCSF Immunology program. This includes weekly seminars, journal clubs, postdoc data clubs and a yearly retreat.


We are also active in the Program in Biological Sciences program


and we also participate in the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology program.

We are part of the Pathology Department, and are associate members of the UCSF Cancer Center, the UCSF Diabetes Center and are associated with the Sandler Asthma Basic Research (SABRE) unit.

The following are significant facilities/resources for us at UCSF:
UCSF Cores
Cell Culture Facility
Galen Digital Library

The following are useful links to outside institutions:
BRB Bulk Cytokines
California Digital Library
Ensembl Genome Browser
LANL Research Library
NIAID Gene Knockout/Transgenic Mice
NIH eRA Commons
Precision Immune
SDSC Biology Workbench
shRNA knockdown movies during cell division
UCSC Genome Browser