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Current Residents (Last Updated on 01 July 2017)
Name Email Program PGY Medical School
Joshua Anderson, MD joshua.anderson@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 University of Tennessee
Sagar Bapat, MD, PhD sagar.bapat@ucsf.edu CP 1 UC San Diego
Carolin Boecking, MD carolin.boecking@ucsf.edu AP/CP 2 Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany
Christopher Bowman,
christopher.bowman@ucsf.edu AP 2 New York University
Cathryn Cadwell, MD, PhD cathryn.cadwell@ucsf.edu AP/NP 1 Baylor College of Medicine
John Cannatella, MD jeffrey.cannatella@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 University of Arkansas
Emily Chan, MD, PhD emily.chan@ucsf.edu AP 3 New York University
Nicole Croom, MD nicole.croom@ucsf.edu AP/CP 1 UC San Francisco
Arash Eslami, MD arash.eslami@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 East Tennessee State University
Lauren Eversmeyer, MD lauren.eversmeyer@ucsf.edu AP/CP 2 University of Missouri
Rachael Fels Elliott, MD, PhD DaffolynRachael.FelsElliott@ucsf.edu AP 2 University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Boris Getman, MD boris.getman@ucsf.edu AP/CP 4 West Virginia University
Daniel Graham, MD daniel.graham@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 Duke University
Nancy Greenland, MD, PhD nancy.greenland@ucsf.edu AP/CP 4 Stanford University
Lucy Han, MD lucy.han@ucsf.edu AP/CP 2 University of Arizona
Jeffrey Hofmann, MD, PhD jeffrey.hofmann@ucsf.edu AP/NP 2 Brown University, Providence, RI
Elizabeth Keiser, MD elizabeth.keiser@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 University of California, San Diego
Nicholas Ladwig, MD nicholas.ladwig@ucsfmedctr.org AP/CP 4 Ohio State University
Marietya Lauw, MD marietya.lauw@ucsf.edu AP 1 Erasmus University, Netherlands
Daniel Martig, MD daniel.martig@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 University of Minnesota
Daiva Mattis, MD, PhD daiva.mattis@ucsf.edu AP 3 Unversity of Illinois
Brent Molden, MD, PhD brent.molden@ucsf.edu AP 2 University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR
Biswarathan Ramani, MD, PhD biswarathan.ramani@ucsf.edu AP/NP 1 University of Michigan
Emilio Ramos, MD, PhD emilio.ramos@ucsf.edu AP 2 University of California, Los Angeles
Belen Rubio Gonzales, MD belen.rubiogonzalez@ucsf.edu AP 1 University of Madrid, Spain
Eliah Shamir, MD, PhD eliah.shamir@ucsf.edu AP 2 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Brian Shy, MD, PhD brian.shy@ucsf.edu AP/CP 1 University of Ilinois
Jacob Spector, MD jacob.spector@ucsf.edu CP 2 University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
Jordan Taylor, MD jordan.taylor@ucsf.edu AP/CP 1 University of Vermont
Nicole Therrien, MD nicole.therrien@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 Unversity of Nevada
Kent Truong, MD kent.truong@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 University of Illinois
Kwun Wah Wen, MD, PhD kwun.wen@ ucsf.edu AP 3 University of North Carolina
Jeffrey Whitman, MD jeffrey.whitman@ucsf.edu CP 2 University of California, Los Angeles
Karen Zeigler, DO karen.zeigler@ucsf.edu AP/CP 3 A.T. Still University, Arizona

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