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Hematology (140.07)

This is a 2-4 week medical student elective in laboratory hematology at Moffitt-Long Hospital.

Principles of Lab Med (140.01)

This is a 2 week medical student elective in laboratory medicine at San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center (SFGH).

Microbiology (140.08)

This course is designed to provide the medical student with a fundamental understanding of the principles and practices of Clinical Microbiology.

Surgical & Autopsy Pathology (150.03)

This is a 4-week medical student elective emphasizing surgical pathology training at Moffitt Hospital. The course is designed for students seriously considering a career in diagnostic anatomic pathology.

Off-Campus Clinical Clerkship (150.02)

This off-campus clinical clerkship in an approved hospital is scheduled by special arrangement and requires the approval of the dean and the department; obtain the necessary forms in the Office of Curricular Affairs.

Research Fellowship (150.07)

This one-year course includes a stipend (starting in the Summer Quarter) and acquaints student-fellows with techniques in autopsy and surgical pathology and their application to diagnosis, patient care and research.

We encourage medical students who are interested in disease pathogenesis and diagnosis to consider an elective in Pathology and/or Laboratory Medicine.

The Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine provide 2-4 week medical students electives in surgical and autopsy pathology and hematology at Moffitt-Long Hospital, and in general laboratory medicine and microbiology at San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center. During these rotations, students are an integral part of the daily work with hands-on exposure to the various aspects of pathology and/or laboratory medicine. In addition, a one year research fellowship is available with advance arrangement.

These electives are available to UCSF medical students, as well as students visiting from other institutions. Visiting students must make arrangements for an elective in advance; additional information for visiting students can be found at http://medschool.ucsf.edu/visitingstudents/

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