Seminar Series

The BIDC hosts two different seminar series; the first is a traditional format with an invited speaker (typically related to the UCSF imaging community), the second is an informal "coffee talk" where up to 3 community members will discuss challenging image analysis techniques/problems to inform the audience and crowdsource potential solutions and tools. 

To stay up to date with events put on by the BIDC and UCSF Microscopy community, please subscibe to the UCSF Microscopy Listserv. To do this, email "subscribe microscopy" to or email directly and we will add you. 

If you have suggestions on who you would like to see at our seminars, or would like to volunteer for either format, please email and we'll work with you to schedule a date.

Invited Speakers:

Next Invited Speaker: 
  • TBA
Previous Speaker:
  • Leica STED FALCON Lightning Technical Presentation
  • Intro to Imaris
  • Imaris Application Tutorials
  • Alex Smith
  • Verkman Lab, UCSF
  • "Using STORM to probe membrane protein clusters"

Informal Coffee Talks:

Next Coffee Talk:

  • TBA
Previous Coffee Talk:
  • Ripla Arora, PhD (Laird Lab)
  • Stephen Jones, PhD (Krummel Lab)
  • Adam Fries (BIDC)