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Won-Tak Choi, MD, PhD

Research and Clinical Interests

(1) Flow cytometric measurement of nuclear DNA content abnormalities in Barrett's esophagus, inflammatory bowel disease, gastric dysplasia/adenomas, and other cancer types; (2) Prognostic significance of the CXC chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) overexpression in hepatocellular and gastrointestinal tumor progression and metastasis; and (3) liver transplant pathology, including impact of donor liver steatosis on post-transplantation outcomes.

Selected Publications

  • Choi WT, Tsai JH, Rabinovitch PS, Small T, Huang D, Mattis AN, and Kakar S. Diagnosis and Risk Stratification of Barrett’s Dysplasia By Flow Cytometric DNA Analysis of Paraffin-Embedded Tissue. Gut. 2017. May; In press.
  • Choi WT, Ramachandran R, and Kakar S. Immunohistochemical Approach for the Diagnosis of a Liver Mass on Small Biopsy Specimens. Human Pathology. 2017. May; 63: 1-13.
  • Choi WT, Jen KY, Wang D, Tavakol M, Roberts JP, and Gill RM. Donor Liver Small Droplet Macrovesicular Steatosis is Associated with Increased Risk for Recipient Allograft Rejection. American Journal of Surgical Pathology. 2017. Mar; 41(3): 365-373.
  • Choi WT, Cherian S, and Soma L. Significance of CD10 Positive Clonal B-Cell Populations Identified by Flow Cytometry in Histologically Benign Gastric Biopsies. Journal of Hematopathology. 2016. June; 9(2): 59-66.
  • Choi WT, Swanson PE, Grieco VS, Wang D, and Westerhoff M. The Outcomes of "Atypical" and "Suspicious" Bile Duct Brushings in the Identification of Pancreaticobiliary Tumors: Follow-Up Analysis of Surgical Resection Specimens. Diagnostic Cytopathology. 2015. Nov; 43(11): 885-91.
  • Choi WT, Rabinovitch PS, Wang D, and Westerhoff M. Outcome of "Indefinite for Dysplasia" in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Correlation with DNA Flow Cytometry and Other Risk Factors of Colorectal Cancer. Human Pathology. 2015. July; 46(7): 939-947.
  • Choi WT, Emond MJ, Rabinovitch PS, Ahn J, Upton MP, and Westerhoff M. "Indefinite for Dysplasia" in Barrett's Esophagus: Inflammation and DNA Content Abnormality are Significant Predictors of Early Detection of Neoplasia. Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology. 2015. March; 6: e81.
  • Choi WT, Yang Y, Xu Y, and An J. Targeting Chemokine Receptor CXCR4 for Treatment of HIV-1 Infection, Tumor Progression, and Metastasis. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry. 2014. Aug; 14(13): 1574-1589.
  • Choi WT, Kumar KS, Madani N, Han X, Tian S, Dong CZ, Liu D, Duggineni S, Yuan J, Sodroski JG, Huang Z, and An J. A Novel Synthetic Bivalent Ligand to Probe Chemokine Receptor CXCR4 Dimerization and Inhibit HIV-1 Entry. Biochemistry. 2012. Sept; 51(36): 7078-7086.
  • Choi WT, Nedellec R, Coetzer M, Colin P, Lagane B, Offord RE, Hartley O, and Mosier DE. CCR5 Mutations Distinguish N-terminal Modifications of RANTES (CCL5) with Agonist Versus Antagonist Activity. The Journal of Virology. 2012. Sept; 86(18): 10218-10220.
  • Choi WT, Duggineni S, Xu Y, Huang Z, and An J. Drug Discovery Research Targeting the CXC Chemokine Receptor 4 (CXCR4). The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2012. Feb; 55(3): 977-994.

Selected Awards

  • 2011 - Young Investigator Award, 19th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2012)
  • 2008 - Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students (in Human Anatomy), University of Illinois College of Medicine

Additional Information

Won-Tak Choi, MD, PhD
  • Assistant Professor
  • Pathology
  • Division: Anatomic Pathology

Specialty Areas

  • Liver and Gastrointestinal Pathology

Contact Information

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • Moffitt-Long
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