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Melike Pekmezci, MD

Research and Clinical Interests

My clinical activities include Ophthalmic Pathology and Surgical Neuropathology at UCSF and Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology at San Francisco VA Medical Center. I am primarily involved in translational research with specific focus on diagnostic and prognostic markers of CNS neoplasms. I have been particularly interested in molecular classification and grading schemes of diffuse gliomas. I am also interested in diagnostic and molecular markers of ocular surface neoplasms and melanocytic lesions.

Selected Publications

  • Pekmezci M, Louie J, Gupta N, Bloomer MM, Tihan T. Clinicopathological characteristics of adamantinomatous and papillary craniopharyngiomas: University of California, San Francisco experience 1985-2005. Neurosurgery. 2010;67(5):1341-9. PMID: 20871436
  • Hirbe AC, Pekmezci M, Dahiya S, Apicelli AJ, Van Tine BA, Perry A, Gutmann DH. BRAFV600E mutation in sporadic and neurofibromatosis type 1-related malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. Neuro Oncol. 2014;16(3):466-7. PMID: 24366910. PMCID: PMC3922521
  • Pekmezci M, Reuss DE, Hirbe AC, Dahiya S, Gutmann DH, von Deimling A, Horvai AE, Perry A. Morphologic and immunohistochemical features of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors and cellular schwannomas. Mod Pathol. 2015;28(2):187-200. PMID: 25189642
  • Eckel-Passow JE, Lachance DH, Molinaro AM, Walsh KM, Decker PA, Sicotte H, Pekmezci M, Rice T, Kosel ML, Smirnov IV, Sarkar G, Caron AA, Kollmeyer TM, Praska CE, Chada AR, Halder C, Hansen HM, McCoy LS, Bracci PM, Marshall R, Zheng S, Reis GF, Pico AR, O'Neill BP, Buckner JC, Giannini C, Huse JT, Perry A, Tihan T, Berger MS, Chang SM, Prados MD, Wiemels J, Wiencke JK, Wrensch MR, Jenkins RB. Glioma Groups Based on 1p/19q, IDH, and TERT Promoter Mutations in Tumors. N Engl J Med. 2015;372(26):2499-508. PMID: 26061753. PMCID: PMC4489704
  • Pekmezci M, Nelson J, Su H, Hess C, Lawton MT, Sonmez M, Young WL, Kim H, Tihan T. A Morphometric Characterization of Brain Arteriovenous Malformations for Clinical and Radiological Studies to Identify Silent Intralesional Microhemorrhages. Clinical Neuropathology. 2016;35(3):114-21. PMID: 27049066
  • Pekmezci M, Uysal SP, Orhan Y, Lee HS, Tihan T. Pitfalls in the Use of Whole Slide Imaging for the Diagnosis of Central Nervous System Tumors: A Pilot Study in Surgical Neuropathology. Journal of Pathology Informatics. 2016;7:25. doi: 10.4103/2153-3539.181769. PMID: 27217975
  • Pekmezci M, Rice T, Molinaro AM, et al. Adult Infiltrating Gliomas with WHO 2016 Integrated Diagnosis: Additional Prognostic Roles of ATRX and TERT. ACTA Neuropathologica. 2017 Jun;133(6):1001-1016.

Additional Information

Melike Pekmezci, MD
  • Assistant Professor
  • Departments of Anatomic Pathology and Ophthalmology
  • Division: Neuropathology

Specialty Areas

  • Neuropathology
  • Ophthalmic Pathology

Contact Information

Mailing/Shipping Address:

  • UCSF
  • Melike Pekmezci, MD
  • Pathology, Box 0102
  • 505 Parnassus Avenue, Room M-551
  • San Francisco, CA 94143

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • UCSF Moffitt-Long
  • UCSF Mission Bay
  • San Francisco VA Medical Center
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