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Lynn Pulliam MS, PhD

Research and Clinical Interests

My laboratory is interested in neuroinflammation and HIV dementia. We have focused on monocyte/macrophage (M/Mf) activation in HIV infection, markers of disease progression and the effect on neural cell function for over two decades. We have used HIV positive patient M/Mf and gene expression microarrays to develop a phenotype predictive of HIV cognitive impairment. This phenotype correlates with peripheral monocyte activation. Other studies include looking at monocyte-derived miRNAs within exosomes as facilitators of endothelial and neural cell dysfunction. New studies include isolation from blood of neuron-derived exosomes that carry protein and RNA targets that can analyze the health of the neuron in “real time” and distinguish cognitive impairment from normal cognition in HIV positive individuals. These targets are different in men and women showing mechanistic differences between genders which may translate to therapeutic modifications for cognitive impairment.

Selected Publications

  • Sun B, Abadjian L, Rempel H, Monto A, Pulliam L. Differential cognitive impairment in HCV coinfected men with controlled HIV compared to HCV monoinfection. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 62:190-6, 2013.
  • Rempel H, Sun B, Calsoing C, Abadjian L, Monto A, Pulliam L. Monocyte activation in HIV / HCV coinfection correlates with cognitive impairment. PlosOne e55776, 2013.
  • Pulliam L. Cognitive consequences of a sustained monocyte type 1 IFN response in HIV infection. Current HIV Research 12:77-84, 2014.
  • Gupta, A and L. Pulliam. Exosomes as mediators of neuroinflammation. J Neuroinflamm 11: 2014.
  • Pulliam L, Calosing C, Sun B, Grunfeld C, Rempel H. Monocyteactivation from interferon –alpha in HIV infection increases acetylated LDL uptake and ROS production. I Interferon Cyt Res 10:822-828, 2014.
  • Pulliam L and A. Gupta. Modulation of cellular function through immune-activated exosomes. J DNA Cell Biol. 34:459-463. 2015.PMID: 25945690
  • Goetzl EJ, Goetzl L, Karliner JS and Pulliam L. Human plasma platelet-derived exosomes: effects of aspirin. FASEB J. 30:2058-2063. 2016.
  • Tang N, Sun B, Gupta A, Rempel H and Pulliam L. Monocyte exosomes induce adhesion molecules and cytokines via activation of NF-κB in endothelial cells. FASEB J. 30:3097-106. 2016.
  • Sun B, Dalvi P, Abadjian L, Tang N and Pulliam L. Blood neuron-derived exosomes as biomarkers of cognitive impairment in HIV. AIDS (fast track). 31:F9-F17. 2017.
  • Dalvi P, Sun B, Tang N and Pulliam L. Immune activated exosomes alter microRNAs in brain endothelial cells and initiate an inflammatory response through the TLR4/MyD88 pathway. Scientific Reports. 7:9954. 2017.
  • Hu G, Yelamanchili S, Kashanchi F, Haughey N, Bond VC, Witwer KW, Pulliam L, Buch S. Proceedings of the 2017 ISEV symposium on “HIV, neuroHIV, drug abuse& EVs” J Neurovirol. 23:935-940. 2017.
  • Pulliam L, Sun B, Mustapic M, Chawla S, Kapogiannis D. Plasma neuronal exosomes serve as biomarkers of cognitive impairment in HIV infection and Alzheimer’s disease. in press, J Neurovirol, Jan 2019.
  • Fernandes N and Pulliam L. Inflammatory mechanisms and cascades contributing to neurocognitive impairment in HIV/AIDS in Neurocognitive complications of HIV infection: Neuropathogenesis to implications for clinical practice. Springer Nature Switzerland AG. In press Spring 2019.

Selected Awards

  • Outstanding Women in Neuroscience Lectureship, ISNV 2009
  • President, International Society for Neurovirology – 2010-2012
  • Prize in NeuroVirology, Drexel University College of Medicine 2017
  • Professor in Residence, Chief, Microbiology (VAMC)
  • Laboratory Medicine and Medicine
  • Clinical Laboratory

Specialty Area

  • Microbiology

Contact Information

  • Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • 4150 Clement St., (113A)
  • San Francisco, CA 94121

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • Veterans Affairs Medical Center
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