BIDC Policy & Procedures
Mission Statement
  • The BIDC is an interdisciplinary center configured to assemble, test, and apply emerging light microscopy techniques and technologies.
  • The BIDC is designed to serve two roles: a conduit for new optical imaging technology & as a site for new technology development.

Access Policy
  • Eligible users are an member of the UCSF scientific community. Other users may gain access by special arrangement with the Director.
  • The center encourages proof of principle type of experiments and pilot data studies that require the use of the specialized instruments residing in the BIDC. Routine (or non-specialized) activities that coule be conducted in other cores are allowed but will receive the lowest scheduling priority.
  • New users and their PIs must meet with the Director to establist project requirements, expectations, and traning needs in advance.
  • Hours of operations: The center core hours are 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. New users, or those likely to require the ongoing assistance of the Center personnel, should schedule their work during this time. After-hours and weekend access for independent users is allowed subject to instrument availability and established proficiency.
  • Fees for use: As the Center strives to facilitate access; there will be no recharge to use the BIDC facility. The Center reserves the right to limit usage of individuals and groups as a means to ensure fair access to the wider community. Any disposables used should be replaced or will be charged at cost.
  • Privileged Users: Some instruments in the BIDC come from specific sources such as a consortium of owners or a departmental/center donation. Access to these instruments may therefore be rationed accordingly. Some instruments will be available only by special arrangement. In addition, various departments and centers have contributed towards the cost of BIDC operations and members of these entities will generally be given privileged access if instruments are oversubscribed.

Training Policy
  • All users must be fully trained prior to using any BIDC systems.
  • Training is specific to each instrument and must be conducted prior to first use.
  • Users can not train other users except with explicitly pre-approved by the Center Director and full access privileges for each user will be assessed on individual basis.
User Responsibility Policy
  • Users must follow all BIDC and institutional rules and safety regulations. Any animal use requires IACUC approval unser the PI's protocol, including listing of relevant rooms.
  • Users are responsible for the correct operation and care of the instruments they are using.
  • Users are responsible for shut down (i.e. following any required checklist) and clean-up (i.e. slides, specimens, and other tools must be removed, cleaned up, or thrown away) of any instrument they use.
  • Users are responsible for reporting breakages, system failures, etc to the Center Director ina  timely fashion.
  • Users are responsible for repair or service costs arising from negligent or inappropriate use.
  • PIs assume responsibility for their staff, fellows, and students using the center.
Scheduling Policy
  • All bookings must be made through the BIDC scheduling web page.
  • Unscheduled or impromptu use is strongly discouraged.
  • Cancellations should be made in a timely manner and through the BIDC scheduling web page.
  • User priority: Generally, first-come; first-served, but some users get preference based on instrument ownership, center support, etc. Some instruments will be available only by special arrangement.
  • Usage limits: The Director may establish usage limits on some instruments to ensure fair access for all users.
Computer & Data Storage Policy
  • The BIDC is not responsible for long-term data storage. Please remove your data from BIDC computer immediately after collection/analysis. Center computers will be purged of excess files regularly.
  • Please do not install software on center computers without the express consent of the Center Director.
  • Please do not personalize, or otherwise alter, the configuration of center computers. Custom analysis plugins, scripts, etc should be removed after each analysis session.
Instrument Continuity Policy
  • Instruments will reside within BIDC for variable amounts of time. Demo instruments may only be available for a month or two.
  • Instrument continuity amd availability is not guaranteed over time. The Center is biased towards testing and developing new technologies. Popular instruments may be replaced at short notice. If investigators find themselves dependent upon a particular instrument, they should contact the facility to discuss ways to ensure its long-term availability.
  • Instruments may also be temporarily unavailable for maintenance, repair, or service.

Collaboration and Acknowledgement Policy
  • BIDC and any major supporting grants must be acknowledged in all publications resulting from work conducted in the center.
  • Original and/or enabling contributions of BIDC staff should be acknowledged with co-authorship where appropriate. Ordinaty training and assistance with an instrument would not normally merit co-authorship.

  • Variations from policies above may occur at the discretion of Director and/or the Steering Committee.