NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences 2018
During an eveing of after hours science held at the California Academy of Sciences, guests chat wtih researchers from the BIDC, lab1, and lab2 and learn about cancer cells, acquisition of biospecimen, sample processing, and fluorescent imaging for research.
Discovery Day 2017 
The BIDC teamed up with the Immuniprofiler Initiative to teach kids about inventigating tissue microenvironments. IPI taught the younger scientists about cell counting and sorting, while we engaged the rest of the crowd with an example fluorescence microscope and sample images taken at the BIDC.

Thanks to the Bay Area Science Festival and everyone who participated!
MESA Students Talk Science - April 2016
Students from the Diablo Valley College MESA Program stopped by the BIDC to tour the facilities, check out some instruments, and talk about some current research projects going on.

We also chatted all things science; from college classes to career trajectories; from the daily grind of research to what we know now that we wish we knew earlier.

Thanks to Adam and DVC for initializing this fun afternoon.

MESA : Math Engineering Science Achievement: 
Diablo Valley College has a MESA program MCCP (MESA Community College Program) that supports students interested in science that come from low-performing high schools to transfer to a four year university. These students are typically 1st in their family to go to college.