Zeiss Widefield - Wide Guy
Colloquially known as "Wide Guy", the microscope is a conventional widefield microscope set upon the inverted Zeiss Axioscope 200M body.

The illumination source is a Sutter Lambda XL with appropriate excitation and emission filters for the common DAPI, FITC, TRITC, and Cy5 lines. Due to the configuration of the microscope, 7-color imaging (plus brightfield) can be achieved when taking advantage of the Brilliant Violet dye series.

Objectives include 10x Air, 20x Air (high NA), 40x Oil, and 100x Oil.

Other components and features include a manual/automatic Prior XY stage, a z-axis piezo for 3D image stack, a sample incubator, and µMagellan for dynamic device control and acquisition.

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Owners' Consortium:
Krummel Lab
Mouse hepatocytes. Image Credit: Rasika Patkar. Wang Lab