Leica SP5
The Leica SP5 laser scanning confocal system is used for advanced multi-channel fluorescence and live-cell applications. Excitation sources include five lasers generating  nine lines (405, 458, 476, 488, 496, 514, 543, 594,  633 nm). The inverted microscope system is  encased within an incubator for live-cell imaging. An acousto-optical beam splitter allows the investigator to rapidly switch collection parameters without the mechanical movement required of dichroic mirrors. Emission is split into a spectrum using a prism and is collected through five separate tunable photomultiplier tubes. Additionally, a parallel transmitted light image can be collected.

The system also contains spectral scanning, three-dimensional (z) acquisition and time-lapse capabilities. A programmable stage allows automated return-to-site and multiple-field stitching.

Currently available objectives on the system are: 63x water immersion (Plan-Apo, 1.2 NA), 63x oil immersion (Plan-Apo, 1.4 NA), 40x oil immersion (Plan-Apo, 1.25 NA), 20x multi-immersion (oil, water, glycerin)( Plan-Apo, 0.7 NA) and a 10x air objective (Plan-Fluotar, 0.3 NA). 

Leica SP5 User Guide (pdf)

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Owners' Consortium:
Diabetes Research Center
Mouse Thymic Cells. Image Credit: Corey Miller,MD PhD.
Anderson Lab