Zeiss Apotome
Zeiss Axio Imager2 with Apotome microscope is an upright with a manual stage and has both an Axio Cam MrC5 color camera and a Roper/Photometrics CoolSnap HQ2  monochrome camera for fluorescence.

Filter cubes installed are: 
Filter Set 49 DAPI,EX G365 
Filter Set 38 HE GFP, FITC 
Filter Set 43 HE Cy3 
Filter Set 64 HE mPlum 
Filter Set 50 Cy5, EX BP640/30 
The microscope can be used in widefield or Apotome structured illumination mode which provides reduced background and moderate optical sectioning capability. The system uses Axiovision 4.8 software. The installed lenses are: 5x (EC Plan-Neofluar NA 0.16), 10x (EC Plan-Neofluar NA 0.30), 20x (Plan-Apochromat NA 0.8), and 40x Oil immersion (EC Plan-Neofluar 1.3). 

Zeiss Apotome User Guide (pdf)

Owners' Consortium:
Diabetes Research Center
Image Credit: Lauren Byrnes. Sneddon Lab