Nikon A1r
The Nikon A1r is a laser scanning confocal capable of reaching video rates. The microscope consists of two illumination options; four confocal laser lines (408 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 647 nm) and a Mai Tai DeepSee IR laser (740 - 1040 nm). For the confocal laser lines there are 4 PMT detectors (blue, green, red, far red), and for the two-photon imaging there is a high sensitivity non-descanned detector (NDD) for deep tissue imaging.

The system utilizes a Nikon base in the upright geometry, an automated Prior XY stage, and a PIFOC objective piezo for scanning. Additionally, there is a perfusion system with an in-line stage heater and an anesthesia setup making the microscope suitable for slide, slice, explant, and intravital imaging.

Currently, there are 5 objectives consisting of:
16x/0.8 NA Plan Apo LWD water immersion.
20x/0.95 NA XLUM Plan Apo LWD water immersion. 
25x/1.1 NA Plan Apo LWD water immersion.
60x/1.2 NA Plan Apo water immersion.
60x/1.4 NA Plan Apo oil immersion.

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Owners' Consortium:
Krummel Lab
Looney Lab
Klein Lab
Lue Lab
Mouse lung slice. Image Credit: Kaitlin Corbin, BIDC